Zero Gravity

It is difficult to describe an experience if don’t try on it. It is also strange to explain how is it something that you can’t test it anywhere else, except in the sea. Swiming is a practice and an exercise between the air pressure and the water element. But is this enough understand a non gravitational environment.

Sure not!

The benefit of the underwater experience.
– Scuba diving is the only one practice that gives the opportunity to feel how is when flying.

Freely flying, like in the moon!
– Scuba diving experience is a strong experience that giving long term changing the comfortable human lifestyle.

Way you out of any narrow considerations.
– Scuba diving can show you a completely different world. Can teach you the details of the beginning of the life.
– Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, (scuba) can cause you a new enthusiastic hobby.

– Take action and protect the environment, this is scuba diving experience!



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